‘Fantastic Four’ Is Already Flopping At The Box Office


No surprise here, given bad reviews and the movie’s disastrous press tour, but the Fantastic Four reboot is tanking at the box office today.

Variety reports that while the movie was predicted to make $40 million this weekend, the movie is struggling to even pull $30 million. With Thursday night previews, the movie made a dismal $2.7 million at 2900 movie theaters.

20th Century Fox spent $120 million making the movie. The resulting film might not make back this total.

To put it in even more perspective, the last superhero movie to make under $40 million in its opening weekend was The Green Hornet, also known as that time Seth Rogen tried to headline a superhero franchise.

This is the final word on a journey that has included a 9% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the director saying that his “deleted” version would’ve been better, Esquire calling the dick-ish Miles…

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Deadpool | Red Band Trailer


With great power comes great irresponsibility

The trailer is finally out and don’t mistake him for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Its a surprise this movie even exists after having gone through development hell and back. Following Deadpool’s appearance in 2009’s critically panned X-Men Origins: Wolverine film, a Deadpool spin-off with Ryan Reynolds reprising the role was in consideration. The internet was buzzing as Reynolds (a fan favorite) was to help undo the damage Fox had done to the sarcastic “merc with a mouth” Marvel antihero.

By 2014, the anticipation had died down and a Deadpool film seemed unlikely. The X-Men franchise had reinvented itself thanks to First Class, The Wolverine, and Days of Future Past. Even if a Deadpool film was in the works, would Fox ever green-light the ‘R-rated’ comic book film that it deserves? On July 28, 2014, a 2012 test footage was leaked featuring Ryan Reynolds and motion capture with a CGI overlay. Fan reaction was overwhelmingly positive and two months later the film was announced.

So now Ryan Reynolds is set to officially play the wisecracking, regenerative, mercenary but will this movie and version of Deadpool be any good? If the trailer is any indication of the tone and direction we can expect to see then the answer is “abso-fucking-lutely”. Deadpool looks like it going to have all the right ingredients for a faithful adaptation. Its profane, extremely violent, self-aware, and most importantly not taking itself too seriously. The trailer nails all those points effortlessly while still taking a light jab at DC’s Green Lantern, a role Reynolds filled as well.

It’s hard not to love an antihero with a sense of humor, dropping sexual innuendo from time to time. Deadpool is self-referential, well versed in trivial pop-culture, and breaks the fourth wall all while kicking ass. One of the most underappreciated details I believed they nailed is the mask. Deadpool is humorous and although his entire face is covered by a mask he is one of the most expressive comic book characters out there. With the use of CGI, they have managed to get the mask and the “white eyes” to reflect the range of expressions made by our trigger-happy merc.

The trailer showcases an awesome scene of Deadpool sitting on top of a bridge with a portable radio, singing along to Salt-N-Pepa’s “Shoop” right before a well choreographed action sequence kicks in. The raunchy comedy and over the top violence seems to pair up well together. The only downside is that we’re going to have to wait another year for this. The ‘R-rated’ Tim Miller directed film is set to release on February 12, 2016. Check out the trailer below!

Eric Lemaire Jr.

13 Hours Trailer

I’m not a big Michael Bay fan but I do love war films and I’ve been waiting to see The Office‘s John Krasinski’s acting range. The film is based on actual events and the trailer (as is most of Bay’s trailers) looks great. Check it out!


When we first reported that Michael Bay was making a film about Benghazi, the source of so many anti-Clinton Republican rants, you probably thought it was a load of bull. When we told you The Office‘s John Krasinski would play a navy seal in the film, you probably thought we were full of sh*t. Well guess what, folks? The first trailer for Bay’s 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi is here, and it’s in glorious (albeit full-frontal carnage-less) red band.

So what does this first trailer mean for Bay’s serious take on a recent bit of historical drama? What, pray tell, might we be able to predict about Bay’s direction, or Krasinski and James Badge Dale’s acting? Watch the trailer above and make your own deductions. However, I can’t shake the feeling that what I just watched was some sort of patriotic, Team America: World Police-inspired combination of 

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Suicide Squad Comic-Con Trailer


You know what they say about the crazy ones?…

The first official trailer of Suicide Squad is live! David Ayer has made it a point to assure DC fans that his film will stick to canon material as much as possible. With that being said, Suicide Squad (much like in the comics) is a team of expendable criminals that have been assembled by the government to undertake a high-risk mission. There’s Will Smith as Deadshot, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Killer Croc and many more in this gang of unlikely heroes. They’re essentially deniable assets of the government who get to save the day for once.

David Ayer said it best at Comic-Con. “Its time for bad vs evil”. Jared Leto playing The Joker is undeniably “evil” in this scenario. He’s seen torturing someone believed to be Dr. Harleen Quinzel with what looks like electroshock therapy. The Joker has never been a member of Suicide Squad in the comics and interestingly enough is missing in the promo photo. This leads me to believe that Joker is the primary antagonist of the film and not an antihero cooperating with the government. This trailer has put many of my concerns at ease but seeing Will Smith play “Will Smith” in film where he’s not suppose to be the leading actor has had an adverse affect.

Either way, I look forward to seeing this movie and how it ties in to Justice League Part 1 and the rest of the DCCU. Check out the trailer below.

Eric Lemaire Jr.


Dawn of Justice Comic-Con Trailer


The red capes are coming…

I am absolutely stoked about this trailer. Warner Bros revealed their second trailer today at Comic-Con and the fans are going nuts. There have been a lot doubt surrounding DC and Warner Bros’ ability to construct the DC Cinematic Universe following Marvel’s success. Fear of convoluted plotlines, humorless tones, and over crowding of DC characters have been the topic of concern for over a year now. There have also been a lot of controversy surrounding the casting choices, namely Ben Affleck, Jared Leto, and Jesse Eisenberg respectively playing Batman, Joker, and Lex Luthor.

From its initial announcement, I not only believed Ben Affleck would be able to pull off the role, but that his portrayal of Batman would be the most faithful thus far. Ben’s physical resemblance to Bruce Wayne and his apparent commitment coupled with Zack Snyder’s vision of the Dark Knight gave me enough confidence to blindly trust that he’d give DC fans the Batman they deserved. Although I’m confident in Jared Leto’s ability to properly portray the deranged clown prince of crime in the upcoming Suicide Squad film, I am skeptical over the choice of his appearance.

This trailer does a lot to highlight how DC’s cinematic universe differs from Marvel’s. There are clear consequences of having “super” humans among us that go beyond the proverbial “hero saving the day” bit. The events of Man of Steel are evident in this film fueling Bruce Wayne’s distrust and rage for Superman. Although the Joker does not make an appearance in this trailer, his presence is evident, repeatedly antagonising our hero. A nod to Jason Todd’s death is made at 2:01 leaving the possibility that the follow up Batman film could feature Nightwing, and a new Robin.

The trailer is explosive, showing off the other characters in action and ending with an epic face off between our opposing heroes. The revelations in this trailer also align perfectly with my predictions for the solo Batman film set to be directed by Ben Affleck. If you haven’t done so already check out the trailer below.


steve jobs|


Artists lead and hacks ask for a show of hands.

Hollywood is at it yet again, this time directed by Danny Boyle with Michael Fassbender playing the titular role of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. The screen-play was written by Aaron Sorkin who also wrote the screen-play to yet another film about a nerd’s Machiavellian-like road to riches: The Social Network. Unlike Jobs which was released in 2013, this film will not touch on Steve Job’s life during the social age which was marked by the release of the iPod, iPhone, and eventual iPad. The film will in fact focus on three major products in the early stages of Apple leading up to the year 1998 and key backstage moments during those times. Check out the trailer below.

Lucy Review


•Director: Luc Besson

•Genre: Action | Sci-Fi | Thriller

•Running time: 89 minutes

Lucy is a film that clearly faces an identity crisis which ultimately prevents it from shinning in any light. Scarlett Johansson plays Lucy, a typical college student, who finds herself kidnapped by Taiwanese gangster, Mr. Jang (Choi Min-sik) and is tasked with importing a new powerful drug into Europe. The drug is a synthetic version of a chemical the human body produces that expands the human intellect by allowing it to access more than the presumed “10%” we currently have access to. The drug packets are inserted into her abdomen and accidentally enter her bloodstream. Within the next 24 hours we watch Lucy increases brain access until she becomes the human embodiment of a god as she approaches 100%. The delivery of Lucy’s abilities are so ridiculous that the film urges us not to take it too seriously which is fine but yet it seems to try to instill awe and wonder in us which only ends up being distracting.

“The film leaves nothing to the imagination and nothing to build up to.”

From the start, the film’s shots alternate between plot scenes and “documentary styled” footage of wild animals, dividing cells, and time-lapse of the advancements of human civilization. Although in the right hands and in moderation, these cinematic tools can enhance the qualities of a film, in this film its off-putting and only serves to highlight its shortcomings. The main one being: The film does a poor job at introducing the audience to the mythology they want us to buy into. They slap in a college professor played by Morgan Freeman (a character who I considered a waste and was highly underused) to give us a crash course in the “science” behind Lucy’s transformation completely stripping the audience of the chance to accept what is happening and the changes we can expect to see. The film leaves nothing to the imagination and nothing to build up to.

“You blink and Lucy is a demi-god.”

In a matter of minutes for the audience and merely hours for Lucy, she becomes a bad-ass killer capable of clearing out an entire room full of professionals killers, an emotionally detached human being only capable of logic and reason, and has developed the ability to manipulate people and the world around her. You blink and Lucy is a demi-god. OK, I get it. The film is not meant to be taken seriously and is a silly, fun, action film of ridiculous proportions. That’s the problem though. Its not fun. As mildly entertaining as it can be, it tries too hard to portray itself as this pseudo-deep documentary of the human lineage. In one instance its a mindless “superhero” flick and in the next, its trying to make us question what we think we know like in The Matrix and drawing relationship between time, mathematics, evolution, and emotions.

“Johansson’s performance as a human transforming into what is essentially a calculating super-machine is excellent.”

The film is lacking, as both an action film and a thriller as it seems more concerned with philosophical self awareness. Imagine Crank on an existential trip and you’ll have an idea what this film feels like. If the film had stretched out the plot line over the course of weeks or months, slowly building up to Lucy’s full potential, we would have seen a much better film. Unfortunately her overpowered state at about 30 mins into the movie nullified any sense of risk or danger and made for an anticlimactic end. At its best, it could have been a cult classic sci-fi thriller displaying elements of Akira and Limitless (a film to my disappointment I expected this one to outdo).

Johansson’s performance as a human transforming into what is essentially a calculating super-machine is excellent. Her minimalist eye contact, body language, and lack of intonation change while speaking truly makes us believe that she isn’t human. Unfortunately due to the poor pacing and plot line, we also forget she ever was. I felt nothing for Lucy. Under ideal circumstances this could be seen as a testament to Johansson’s performance and the character’s ultimate transformation. All it truly reveals in this case was how abruptly she changed with little to no graduation. In the end I felt nothing about feeling nothing for the film’s heroine. Lucy, I wanted to love you but no matter how hard I try, other than Scarlett Johansson’s screen time, there is very little to love. I give this film a 5/10👎.